Thursday, October 1, 2009

Houston, Houston

We rolled into Houston about suppertime for our show (with Fired for Walking & Hell City Kings) at Rudyard's, which has become a regular stop for us over the past few years. Rudyard's is one of those wonderful (and increasingly rare) bars that provide you with a nice hot meal prior to your set. This goes a long way, especially since it's one less thing to worry about amid the load in/set up confusion. The show was great and I think everybody had a blast.
But really the best thing about coming to Houston is hanging out with our friends Virginia and Eric (from Uncle Booking). They have been kind enough to open their home to us on numerous occasions. It's sort of an oasis we all look forward to on tour. We stayed up late after the show talking and snacking and drinking while some James Spader movie played on the TV with the sound muted. The next morning E & V made us a rad breakfast and we played LP's from Eric's massive collection, like this one. Really, these people are saints. Did I mention Eric books a bunch of killer bands?

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