Sunday, October 11, 2009

Athens, Ohio

Well we took 6 days off to recharge our batteries and give our pets some love before heading out on this second little tour of the North. Luckily we kicked things off with our favorite Athenians of all time, the Makebelieves! We go way back with these cats and there is a lot I can tell you about them. Dirty Johnny is the very funny "frontman" and guy-about-town. I think you probably all know Johnny. Then there's Matt, the guitarist who has been our sleepover host probably 50+ times. He shreds in the best possible way there is to shred. The bassist, Jeff plays in a style that recalls Cliff Burton and Steve Harris - I have know idea what his hands are doing but he literally punches the bass with his fist often and somehow it works. He also happens to be an incredible illustrator. Then there's Al, who looks like he's going fishing later but not before he blazes some tastey fretwork. Finally there's Chris, who BQ agrees is simply one of the best drummers out there. The dude is just mind numbingly talented. In the words of MC Greenweeds "Dey handlin' dey buisness." I hate that we already used up this token at the beginning of this tour.


We also ate at Burrito Buggy (see above) which is one of those places I can not believe isn't in every single town. They serve burritos for 5 dollars on the street until 3am. What is so complicated about this Towns of America That I Play in Every Night?

The show was at the Union, where we play most times and I just like to give a shout out to the bartenders there who are cute, friendly and generous with dey pour.

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PS: Dickie Peterson R.I.P.