Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I don't remember most of the drive from KC to Memphis as my brain had become a charred lump from overexposure to Gilmore Girls that I downloaded to my Itouch. Before you say anything allow me to note that i only did this to drown out the sound of Scott watching snuff films in the loft. He only paused briefly to regale us with tales of the time he saw Phish in Memphis at that pyramid thing ( i think he followed them around the country for most of his 20's or something).

Upon arriving at the Hi Tone the sound guy told us we had better have brought our "A game" because the opening band was hot shit, even implying that a third band had cancelled so as not to have to follow them. I was thoroughly inundated with existential dread. He was right, they were hot shit. Luckily we brought our "A game". In fact it's the only game we have anymore since we left our B and C games in Sandusky a few years back, along with two guitar stands a rack mount tuner and an S- video cable. We never even bothered to pack our D game for tour and I hardly think this is the proper forum to discuss our "F Game".

Lots of friendly folks a this show and an exemplary barkeep to boot. Our buddy Tommy Teardrop put us up for the night. The next day some of us had a delicious soul food lunch at The Cupboard. Go for the eggplant casserole if you ever make it down that way.

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exlibriscat said...

You're joking right? The opening band wasn't THAT great. They started to sound like Black Crowes after a while. Meh.