Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Well played, David, well played. The morning after our Memphis gig technically started at Tommy Teardrop's new house where he showed off his tremendous Star Wars collection. You read that right. Please David tell me you have pictures. We then retired to the back yard to listen to some tunes and finish off that bottle of Canadian Club that had been kicking around the van. It's always good to see Tommy. He's a dude's dude and plays bass in a bunch of killer Memphis bands. Most notably the Squirrels and the Jackmonkeys. Look 'em up.

The next morning I split off with Zac, Justice and Tom to get some breakfastlunch at Soul Fish which is a great place down on Cooper near the Memphis Drum Shop. The Memphis drum shop is pretty nice mostly because they have a "museum" of rare drums including one of Al Jackson's old kits. He played in the MGs and kept better time than about 99% of all drummers.

Al Jackson Jr.

We spent most of the rest of our time in Memphis at Goner Records which is co-owned by Zac and Eric Friedl. Eric was in my all-time favorite garage revival band the Oblivians. Between those two, they pretty much are a one-stop resource when it comes to Memphis, records, bands or where to get the very best food in town.

OK, on to Nashville. We played that night with Hans Condor and Church of the Good Hustle at 5 Spot. Good crowd although I confess that I only saw COTGH because after our set I went honky tonkin' downtown with some friends. I will say this about our show: never ever set up the drums behind them amplifiers ever never again.

Downtown Nashville traffic was jammed up pretty good so my buddy Rick and I got out to walk. The mile long traffic in both ways was caused by a Cadillac and an SUV pulled up next to one another with all the passengers from both vehicles outside doing something I can only describe as car humping. Like 10 dudes making love to the top, front and sides of the vehicles, music blaring, while traffic was at a perfect stand-still. Pretty sure Young Jeezy was on the radio. It was by far the greatest thing I saw all tour. No pictures, sadly.

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