Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Free Download from

The music blog has posted a free MP3 download from our forthcoming 2nd LP- Uncanny Valley, as part of their Gumdrop series. The song is called "Your Downtime is Up" and there is also a short interview with Cheetie and me about it. Follow this link to have a free mp3 sent to your inbox.

Locals- There's also a little write up and link to the mp3 on the outstanding New Raleigh website.

Also, in addition to our upcoming east coast tour, we'll be doing two local shows- 6/13 at The Local 506 with Dark Meat and July 3rd at the Pourhouse for Weese fest.

We'll have some more previews of the new album in the coming weeks so check back for updates.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Top Ten Lists on WKNC, Show June 13th

Our good friends over at the excellent NC State, student-run radio station WKNC seem to think we have taste. Not necessarily good taste, but something worthy enough to request that we post our top 10 songs at this point in time. Although somewhat challenging, I gotta say that the ubiquitousness of the 'ol Ipod makes this game a lot easier than it would have been say, 5 years ago.

Anyway, if you give a toot you can find out whats rocking our individual domes here.

Also, as it happens we will be playing our first show in 7 years on June 13th with those crazy bastards from Athens, Dark Meat at the Local 506. Just a heads up.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Uncanny Photos

Here's some pics Paul took from the Uncanny Valley sessions, recorded at the lavish enomansion studios in Mordecai, under the watchful guidance of P&C's cat Eno.

While these sessions were completed over a whirlwind 11 days, the familiar atmosphere put us at ease somewhat and we were able to stretch out and experiment beyond our normal instrumental roles.

I've got a sort of Flowers for Algernon thing going on here

Craig stepped into the role of Enforcer. Here he is intimidating me to hit my drum machine cues

All in all, these sessions went really well and I think we were all a little stunned by what we were able to accomplish with the resources at hand. The final product was mixed with Mitch Easter at the Fidelitorium in Kernersville NC (our home away from home) and mastered at Studio B in Charlotte. It really is a different sort of record than what we've done in the past, new territories were explored. As Scott mentioned below, we are beginning the process of carving a live set out of the huge amount of material now available to us. We'll be doing shows both locally and up the east coast in June and July. Also, sometime in the next few weeks, we will have a streaming preview of a track off the new record called "Your Downtime is Up".

More soon.....


By the way, you would not believe how much confusion can arise from this seemingly innocuous situation.

Friday, May 1, 2009

And we're back...

So last night we had a rehearsal for the first time i don't know when. It's been a really long time. In fact it seems like we've dedicated the last 6 months or so to writing and recording 2 new records. If we could just fill the other 6 up with touring then we would totally be like ACDC circa '76 or Aerosmith or Abba or Angel. No not Angel.

But the point is this, David wrote out the potential for set songs and I got to tell you...we are sitting in the veritable cat birds seat when it comes to the 'ol setlist session. Or maybe it's more like the devils chair. I dunno, either way there are a lot of new songs to play live which is very exciting.

After rehearsals i got to chum it up with our bros from Venus Valient Thorr, fresh off a 2 month tour. They looked and sounded great. They did not smell good though. No one smells good after 2 months of touring. I think tonight they are playing in Greenville, NC which is their "hometown" of sorts (on Earf of course) and let me tell you something...the kids in Greenville are certifiable. We are talking batshit crazy when it comes to you can imagine the party.

Anyway, if you made it to the end of this post I applaud you.