Friday, March 27, 2009


we have been hard at work on a new project with Eno

Eno the cat, of course. The other Eno was busy or something. Who cares? This cat's great with drums.

Extant Work

This is the first spring in several years that we have not been on the road but we've been working hard on writing and recording. Just this week we've set up a cozy home studio at Paul and Cheeties house and have begun tracking a set of new songs.

When we got home from tour back in August we soundproofed the garage at P&C's and walled in the overhead door. We even hung office cubicle panels, purchased from state surplus, from the ceiling. For years before this we were rehearsing in a mega complex (Practiceland!) surrounded constantly by din and hijinx. Moving the rehearsals to P&C's created a much more relaxed and productive atmosphere, though I do miss Dudegarden sometimes (I just tried to find link for them and nothing is coming up... Dudegarden, we've lost ye!).

My Dad jokes "So you guys are an actual garage band now" (har!). I prefer the term "carriage house band"

Earlier this week we set up a de facto control room in the basement. It took a few days to wrangle all the equipment we needed (big thanks to mitch, ash and brian ) and a few more to figure out mic placement, run cables, etc. We are rolling now. Scott and I worked out some rhythym tracks last night. Despite the usual anxiety and confusion common to any recording session, this is a great atmosphere to work in. We are all comfortable and excited about the sounds we are getting.

The final details on the release date for our new album are just about settled. Don't want to say anything specific before the ball is actually in the air but we should have a release date to announce in a few days here.