Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lawrence KS, The Replay

Lawrence is always one of our favorite stops- we generally have good shows at the Replay, they have one of the best record stores in the country (Love Garden) and we get to hang out with our buddy Kliph. Kliph plays drums in this band and they're getting kind of big.
The drive from Norman was shorter than it seems. Having grown up on he east coast, traveling across the plains is always a surreal experience for me. The landscape seems so vast and featureless. I'm used to trees and hills obscuring the view. All the gas stations we stop at seem so isolated, so far from anything. It feels like stopping into some far flung galactic (or post-apoctalyptic) outpost. The people don't look like space aliens but they look at us like we are. Hello sir, I am from a distant planet. I am only here to purchase White Cheddar Cheezits as they contain compounds that can be converted into fuel for my spaceship which has crashed in a nearby field, just east of the roadside abortion graveyard. I mean you no harm. I do not enjoy the "heartland" music blaring from your intercom system. It frightens me.
Our show at the Replay was the best so far. The Old Black warmed things up with some cannabis jams. I was relieved that the two shit-housed guys doing the weird squatting dance in front of the stage during their set left before we started. Not before one of them inexplicably gave Craig a healthy smack on the ass, though. The Replay is one of those clubs that has a nice outside patio behind the bar. So nice that it can be tough getting people inside to watch the band. When we started playing there only a handful of people in the room. It was great to look up after the second song and see the place had filled up. We had a great time playing. the crowd was responsive. We sold stuff. This is how these things are supposed to go. Thank you, Lawrence.
The next day we said goodbye to Kliph as he had to leave early to go to OKC, where the Lips are working on a special new project. It sounds like its going to be amazing but I'm not sure how much of a secret it is at this point so sorry, no details. With only a 40 mile drive to our show that night in Kansas City we had plenty of time to kill. I went down to Lovegarden's fancy new location and picked up a record I've been trying to find for years. "Smokey Room" is my jam.

And with that I'll pass the blog baton to Scott. Make sure to ask him about the guy who pulled a gun on Craig in Kansas City that one time. It's cool, we're bros.

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