Thursday, October 1, 2009


Monday 28 Norman, Oklahoma – The Opolis w/ Junebug Spade

We awoke from a big night out with Crow, Blythe and Alex after a rousing Grand Champeen/BOA reunion show. Crow and Blythe and I drove to Torchy’s to grab everyone tacos while PS, DM and CK went to our favorite store, Guitar Center because CK’s amp had fried the night before and needed to be replaced. The tacos at Torchy’s are really good, my man. My pork taco was the best thing I have ever eaten in my life. Next to my fried avocado taco. Jesus.

The Opolis is owned by a guy named Andy Nunez and he is in a band called the Starlight Mints. This is cool for a number of reasons but mostly because he is super nice and very accommodating. We played with the Junebug Spade who seemed like a pretty young band but very good. Kind of shoegazer-y at times, kinda rockin’. I dug it.

Steven and George drove down from N. Oklahoma City to see us and brought us a very nice bottle of Bulliet Bourbon. The show went pretty well except that I broke my kick pedal during the second to last song. Luckily the drummer from JS, Matt, stepped in to help me out. Thanks, Matt.

Another nice stay, this time at La Quinta. Continental breakfast was a failure but the stay was very pleasant and the decorations were fucking rad.

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