Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 24 New Orleans, Louisiana - La Maison du Musique w/ Silent Cinema

The night before we stayed in another lovely hotel in Tallahassee. I think it was a Comfort Inn. None too shabby. Gone are the days of the Super 8s and the Motel 6s. We have definitely moved up in the world. Thanks, Priceline!

I got up a little earlier then everybody else and went and sat in the lobby drinking the hotel coffee, internetin and watching Fox News. Let me take a second to say that Fox News is fantastic television. Eventually the gang all reconvened at the Waffle House for breakfast/lunch. Then we hit the road for N.O.

It was about a six hour drive so once we arrived it was definitely time to get out of the van. Luckily the place we played was on the border of the French Quarter so there was all kinds of cool stuff to see. The club itself was pretty big and looked like it had some neat history behind it. It was old school music hall style with a balcony wrapping around a huge dance floor leading up to the stage. In the front room a swing band played while we set up and then continued for the next 3 hours or so until we took the stage. It should be noted that this seemed to be the place the kids that took swing dance lessons came to strut their jams because there were quite a few people out there jitterbuggin’ and hootenannyin’. Before I picked up on this and before most of the dancers showed up there was one girl dancing by herself. I was sure she was on meth. Man I wish I had video of that craziness.

We played a great show even though there were no monitors for me and the other band was basically running sound. It felt like a nice solid performance although after we were done the swing dance clinic had beat it, natch. Afterward I wanted to clear my head so I skated up to Bourbon Street which was killer. But then a cop on horse back told me to get off my board and asked me to give it to him. To which I politely declined. I headed back to catch the tail end of Silent Cinema who were like a jazzy, bar bandy, indie rock affair.\
After packing up we all took a shot at the bar and I met a nice guy from Venezuela named Danny. Here is his story: formerly a professional breakdancer with Cirque du Soliel turned cruise ship break dance instructor. He was in N.O. because two girls on one of the ships had convinced him they were going to have a 3-way. Jackpot!? Sadly for Danny it didn’t happen but we kicked it for the better part of the night eventually at another bar. I nearly had a meltdown though when I realized my sleeping bag was missing. Turned out it didn’t get packed when loading up and got left in the street. Low and behold some dude on crack shows up at the bar we are drinking at carrying both mine and CKs bag. What the fuck?

We stayed at the guitarist for Silent Cinema’s house with his ladyfriend. They had a really cool house and I sweet cat. The next morning we were all hankering for an oyster Po Boy so we went to the usual spots (Mothers, Johnny’s, etc…) but they were crowded as fuck. We spied some joint called Commerce just around the corner which turned out to be perfect and I can tell you that my sandwich was the greatest thing I have ever eaten in my life.

Looks like I’m kicking David’s ass in this blog was. Ball’s in your court, Mueller.


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