Tuesday, September 29, 2009


What can I say about Tallahassee that hasn't already been said? What has already been said? This show was at Club Down Under in the Florida State University Student Union. We played with an In The Red band called The Intelligence. The whole thing went smoothly, everything was well organized. We were fed and even got Oreos. Actually The Intelligence got Oreos and we got Chips Ahoy. By the next day they tasted like Soft Batch though. I always hated soft batch. Luckily, The Intelligence traded us a couple Oreos for a couple Chips Ahoy. I didn't even care when those went soft the next day because, you know they were Oreos.

After the show we got to hang out with our old friends Malcolm and Sara who have a great little house near the university. Malcolm said he'd take us by the Chi Omega house where Ted Bundy killed several Co-eds (of course that term is only ever used in pornography and true crime stories, otherwise they're just called female students) but we never made it. Got me thinking though. I looked up Ted Bundy's Wikipedia page. I don't recommend it. It gave me a nightmare the next morning about some guy who murders his girlfriend on the way to a Red Fang concert and stuffs her body in a grain car. It was pitch black inside the car and it scared me so bad I woke up but my eyes wouldn't open right away and for a second I thought I was the murdered girlfriend. Chilling. Couldn't go back to sleep. Then we left for New Orleans, which was great and I'd love to tell you about it but instead you'll have to sit through Scott's lackluster, phoned in account cause it's his turn now. Take it away, Nurkin.

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Willis Drummond said...

That's BS...you did too see the Chi Omega house. You just weren't paying attention, whoever you are