Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tour Blog Battle - Day 1

Well David and I are going to go head to head in a blog war. Basically we will be switching off each day giving you a play-by-play account of our current tour. I'm gonna kick it off. Here I go. Ready?

Tuesday, September 22 - Athens, Georgia. Caledonia Lounge w/ Dark Meat and Hot Breath

It's been awhile since we've toured. Wait, no it hasn't. We had about a week off from our ATP trip so that was a completely false statement. But none of that matters anymore because I'm talking about the now, dude. From the start: The big white Chef's Hat we call our van picked me up at our usual drop on 40 and we drove the super non-scenic 6.5 hours to Athens, Georgia. It was overcast mostly. Once we arrived we hung out and waited for the place to open. David and I went for American/Mexican at some place called Burrirribetos or something. It wasn't bad. It wasn't good.

Eventually we loaded and settled in for the big wait. We hadn't actually played all together in 10 days or so so I was pretty excited to put a bangin' donk on it. Which we indeed did, although not before the doomish/punk stylings of Hot Breath, who are a three piece with a girl playing blast beats (occasionally) on drums which was a first for me. I enjoyed a lot of it. They reminded me of Schlong.

Next up us. We slayed.

Then came the psychedelic freak show known as Dark Meat. There were some new people on stage. So new in fact that they literally did not know the music. Which frankly didn't matter that much. I will say that as per usual, Dark Meat was impressive and fun as hell to watch. It was very good. Jim is a great battle commander and somehow manages to navigate the chaos surprisingly well. I think I would have a meltdown playing drums for a group that size. The crowd seemed to be in good spirits for a Tuesday and we eventually left with a happy, warm feeling. Also, I'd like to mention that the bartender at the Caledonia was especially nice and anticipatory.

This warm feeling could be due to the fact that we retired to the excellent Microtel which I found to be a great sleep. Incidentally, earlier in the night, a group of construction workers were grilling up right outside the hotel and offered Craig a taco. He brought it back to the van to share. It was the most delicious thing I have ever put in my mouth. Some sort of jalapeno marinated flank steak or something. Holy
crap it was good.

Ok we are in Talahassee right now getting ready to leave the hotel, but I'll let David tell you all about that. Take it away, David!


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