Monday, December 1, 2008

phase II

We are back from the Thanksgiving holiday (most of which was spent at work) and have been working primarily on guitar overdubs and vocals. Craig and Cheetie were up late last night working out the vocal for a genuinely odd little tune, working title "Xarardheee". This tune also gave us the opportunity to try out a wide range of guitar effects, including this remarkable synthesizer:

The Phase II, made by the Ludwig drum company (?) in the late sixties. This is a truly unique piece of equipment, capable of producing sounds you just can't find anywhere else- especially not in any modern "modeled" synth effects.

Craig's been experimenting with different vocal harmonies out in the front room on our trusty Tascam Portastudio 424. We've always relied heavily on Tascam cassette 4 tracks to demo our songs, both as a group and individually. They're quick to set up, easy to use and often yield surprisingly good fidelity, especially for bass and drums. Did I mention they're also cheap to come by? We currently have 3 in working order and have burned through several others.


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