Friday, December 19, 2008


We've been mixing the record this week as well as adding some final touches to the songs. Mitch has a Chamberlin Music Master that has been getting a good deal of work the past few days as it's very helpful in developing textures and creating ambiance.

I think we all want these songs to function not just as things to listen to but also as places to travel to through listening and there are numerous techniques to be employed at this point in the process to enrich this effect. Cheeite even played a spiral staircase with a rubber mallet the other day. It sounded like a reverse thunderstorm.

The use of non-musical, found sounds etc. can really inject a sense of place into a recording as they force your brain to intuit not just the sound but also the space in which it occurred. Mitch and Cheetie have really been grinding away at the board non-stop the past few days with the rest of us drifting in and out, offering suggestions and perspective but mainly just trying to stay out of the way so they can drive the damn thing.

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