Friday, December 5, 2008

Day 9 9! Today is my birthday, woke up really late, David saved 6 dollars on a train fare, we had BBQ for lunch....gotta tell you, it's been a good day so far! Although I chose Lexington BBQ over Eastern style (I don't know what the fuck I was thinking) it was still pretty good. Okra was whack though. We got it from Prissy Polly's here in Kernersville. Last night got kinda whacky because we did a lot of group backing vocals, percussion and other stuff. PS and CK spent most of yesterday knocking out guitar tracks while CT continued working on vocals and lyrics.

DM and I went back to the hotel (see below) around 3:30. I tried once again to get a remote from the clerk and guess what, they had a brand new one for us! We got to program it and everything. However this did not prevent the "maintenance" guy from finally knocking on our door at 9am to take care of our remote control issue. Ahhhh, the Dudley.

Anyway, today I've been working on external job stuff while P and C have been producing some of the craziest noises I've ever heard in the next room. It sounds amazing. SN

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