Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Today is Wednesday and I think it's officially the 7th day of recording. Yesterday we finished up all the basic tracking which was a nice little hurdle to get over. We did three songs that are all pretty unique so we experimented with lots of different drum, bass and guitar sounds on each one. I was particularly enthused because I got to put together this monster kit using three of Mitch's drums and three of my own. It sounded amazing but it also looked pretty sweet too. We ended last nights sesh with a little 6 part clap/piano/bass intro-ditty.

Today we start overdubs and various bells and whistles. And i mean we are literally putting bells and/or whistles on these songs.

I gotta add that the Fidelitorium has a nice little Kitchen and lots of nights we have been sitting down to delicious meals prepared mostly by BOA head chef CK. Last night: Pan-seared corn chip crusted Mahi with peas and carrot yellow rice and mexi-style black beans. On the menu tonight: Butternut Sqaush souffle with blue cheese and pecan spinach salad. Duuuuuuuuude. SN

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