Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Detroit Oct 18

In honor of it being one month later I plan to catch up on the posts I've been slacking on. I know all 6 of you readers have been chomping at the bit so lets get to it shall we?

We played at the Majestic Theatre Cafe which sounds way cooler then it actually is because it's the cafe part, not the theatre part which is truly majestic. I know this because David and I snuck in there and got a peak. It's friggin' sweet. I imagine a White Stripes show there back in the day was pretty fun. The place feeds you which ain't too shabby so there was that. Upstairs was the dude from TV on the Radio's other band and rumor had it that they were not very awesome. Rumor was carried by some dude who came down to see us and got hype. Can't remember his name but his enthusiasm was appreciated. We were supposed to play with Fidrych but Fidrych never showed so we did it solo style. NEXT!

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