Wednesday, January 21, 2009

mastering pics

here are few belated pics from our session at the legendary Sterling Sound mastering in nyc with the equally legendary Greg Calbi (go ahead, follow the jump- this guy has has done everything).

greg and mitch- we went to Greg at Mitch's recommendation- Greg just worked on the deluxe Murmur remaster- Mitch's liner notes for the booklet are a great read.

I also just found out Greg worked on the new Antony record which is currently blowing my mind on a nightly basis.

But the crown jewel is of course a gold record for RETURN TO 36 CHAMBERS RIP ODB

Once again, we've just finished all production on our new record- release date, titles, etc to follow....

We've got a few shows coming up- feb 7th at the Pour House for WKNC double barrel benefit with Polvo et al. and a secret house party show mid febuary with hardcore monoliths DOUBLE NEGATIVE and the semper summer jammin (even in the winter) WHATEVER BRAINS. stay tuned for details..


On a side note, I have no home internet right now (finally got the gas turned on though) and have to do all my ebusiness from the Brueggers in the broke down shopping center near my house. The music they pipe into this place is a true insult to all ears- human, animal and beyond. There is no way to qualify the extent of the affront. Then they played Feist and it was like someone taking the bamboo splints out of my eardrums for a merciful two and a half minutes before jabbing them back in abruptly as vocoders and fake tambourines reoccupied the looted wastelands of my inner ear. Just in case you were wondering.

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