Monday, November 24, 2008

Why Guitar Center SUCKS

As if you needed a reason. While we are waiting for the 4 track machine to get calibrated and whatnot, I will take this opportunity to deflower this blog with a rant about why I hate Guitar Center. Not to get into too much detail (and it's my own fault for dealing with them anyway) but I ordered something from them last Thursday to be sent here (Kernersville). I actually drove to the store in Greensboro and paid "Jimmy" my hard earned cash to have the thing delivered here today. Needless to say this plan did not work. I was told it was coming from Georgia but in fact it came from Maryland. After making a stop at a store in Virginia it is now in Raleigh of all places.

I called them to get a tracking number and after getting tossed around from guitar dude to keyboard dude to keytar dude, I finally end up with a guy who tells me "Jimmy's off today. Man, if you were friends with him I'd talk shit about him, but...uh, sorry."

Eat shit and die, Guitar Center.

Whatever man, whatever. Only positive blogs from now on.


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